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Payza Removed
Published on 24-12-2016

Hello all,
After few days, we have choose to remove Payza as our payment processor.
We are scam??
The answer is no, we are here to stay. We will work with Paypal And Bitcoin.

You can withdrawal and deposit through Paypal And Bitcoin without any problem.

Have a good day :)

Bitcoin Accepted Now
Published on 22-11-2016

Hello all,
From now you can withdrawal your earning and deposit through Paypal, Payza and Bitcoin.
It's different from before that you just can withdrawal your earning and deposit through Paypal and Payza, currently Bitcoin is very popular now, so, we decided to add it as one of our Payment Processor.

For depositors through Bitcoin, please send money that you want to deposit to Bitcoin address 1KRtLAynkCp6ceu7McnifrEd7ZB4Qs3mjn

And just open a new ticket, give us a details of your payment (amount of BTC you sent and what's your BTC address) or give us a proof of your payment (Like a screenshot).


Have a good day :)

Welcome to Noybux
Published on 22-11-2016

Hello everyone,
Firstly, let me introduce myself. I'm owner of and owner of, i'm a ptc user too, my primary username is jamesbrown.

We don't have RR system, why we don't have RR system? there is a reason why we do that, we will not have RR system because 90% of scam PTC sites happen because they have RR system. We have Direct Referrals system, then you still can earn money from your invited peoples and you can have unlimited Direct Referrals.

We have cheap advertising package, you can promote your business only for $0.25 for 1000 visits and there is few advertising package option, just check and choose which package that will suit you best.

About payment, minimum payout is $1.10 and all payment will be paid through Paypal and Payza and will be paid within 1 to 72 hours.


Have a good day :)